Nights Remnant Command

Science and Exploration – EchoBot

Echo Manages the Exploration and yet to be formed Science devision.

He also manages the Nights Remnant Website

Corporate – King Dolant

King, our president of the Nomadic Corporate instance. With his forward thinking and knowledge of economic structure, ensuring our continual growth.

King also Manages our Mining Division

Medical Expert – Duront

Duront is our dedicated medical specialist within the Organisation. Duront specialises in Search & Rescue and in training our members to keep them out of harms way.

Combat Specialist – Solitude

When combat will be present, we call on Solitude to lead in the field.
His skill and expertise help teach and guide our troops to victory.

Audio / Visual – Airborne

Airborn directs, manages, and creates our videos. With many hours spent on the finest details, he ensures our visuals, matches the quality we strive for.

Exploration – Shade

Shade leads the North American branch of the Exploration division. Personally selected by Echo, Shade proves himself time and time again in new environments, getting the data the corporation needs to pave the way for other divisions to set up shop.

Salvage Specialist – Rusty

There is no better to have with you during your Salava expeditions.

Rusty’s love, knowledge and wisdom in the field of Salvage can barely be matched.

Recruitment Specialist – Rajakx

Rajakx spearheads our recruitment efforts.

His personality and love towards the game and its citizens made him the obvious choice.

Overlord – Legend Gamea

Legend is the leader of our Organisation. With his steady hand and his vision for potential, helps spearhead Nights Remnant forward.

Legend also manages our Fleet Security and Asset Protection.