Useful Sites

View the list of sites we use on the daily. this page is fully interactible. But you can also visit those sites by clicking the links provided.

Erkul DPS Calculator

Needed to know what to get, where to get it and how it’ll impact your ship performance? Erkul has you covered. Visit Site

SC Trade Tools

The WHO, WHAT & WHERE of trading. Find what you need with SC trad tools. Visit Site.

StarShip42 Fleet View

Visualise your fleet in all its glory. (the performance hit may be substantial on your system.). Visit Site.

Hanger Link

Calculate your CCU chains for Star Citizen and manage your fleet. Visit Site.

Verse Guide

Welcome to your personal travel guide for the Star Citizen universe. You can look up popular places, save your favorite spots, and generate an optimal flight path to any planetary location in the ‘verse. Visit Site.