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Nights Remnant


Play Hard, Play Fair
We dabble in piracy, but we’re not out to wreck anyone’s experience. Random griefing? Not our style.

Balance is Key
Your life outside the game matters most. Come and go as life dictates, no strings attached.

Joining Criteria
Age minimum is 18. We’re here to have fun, and respect for fellow players is non-negotiable.


Nights Remnant. In the vast Verse of Star Citizen, many orgs exist, but ours stands distinct.

We’re deeply committed to the game, cherishing every moment and laugh that genuine camaraderie offers. We maintain an exclusive roster, ensuring that every interaction is with players of the highest caliber.

If dedicated gameplay, genuine bonds, and a sense of exclusivity resonate with you, you’ve found your crew.

Here’s to many adventures and shared moments in the Verse,


Most guilds stick to popular systems, but NRMNT does things differently.

We don’t tie members down to specific areas. In Stanton, and soon in Pyro, we give you the freedom to find your spot. Wherever you choose in these systems, it’s more than just a location—it’s your mark, your home.

The fleet moves with the stars, make sure you stick close.

Choose your path wisely.


At NRMNT, our nomadic spirit propels us forward. This isn’t your typical crew—it’s where wanderlust meets expertise.

Our team? Resourceful and skilled, flourishing in every environment. Whether it’s charting new stars, enduring rugged landscapes, or uncovering hidden truths, we embrace it all. We’re always seeking kindred spirits who share our passion for the journey.

You’ve found your tribe.


At NRMNt, we’re more than just epic gaming moments, We’re also rolling out some seriously slee Audio/Visual Content.

Want a full experience? Check out our curated playlist on YouTube. Dive into the game, then chill with our visuals.


While Nights Remnant tends to stay under the radar without advertising, we’ve got a fleet of vehicles and ships ready for purchase. Some of these models come with Lifetime Insurance, and others aren’t available in the store anymore.

Got a keen interest or queries? Head over to our Discord and connect with High Command. They’ll point you to the right folks for all the details.


Nights Remnant is all about doing our own thing, but if you want to help, we’re here.

Our goal right now? Grow the community, be the best place for players. And while helping is great, it’s always up to you. Your game, your choices.

Thanks for the support.

P.S. Our Discord is 18+ only.


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